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Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find frequently asked questions by our customers in regards to our services and our products and answers to common problems.

Q: I had a false alarm, How do I clear it?
A: You should first turn the system off, using your code, and off.Then, turn it off again. This usually clears an alarm message.
Q: I am having troubles setting up my DSL, What should I do?
A: You need to call our office, DSL and Alarm systems don't get along, they require special wiring.
Q: My system says low battery or bat, Why?
A: Your system monitors its batteries with a check in signal every two hours. When a low battery is indicated it is displayed on the keypad. Don't worry, you have three months time to replace it, but call us for further info or service.
Q: My system displays FC or Comm failure, what now?
A: Your system indicates a loss of phone line. If phone has been restored, clear signal by arming it and disarming it.
Q: My phone line is dead, do I call the phone company for repair?
A: Try unplugging your alarm at the panel. Test phone, if phone is now O.K., call us for further info, if phone still dead, call for phone repair but inform phone company that you have an alarm and have tested it first.
Q: My alarm displays NOT Ready, but everything is secure, What do I do?
A: Press the ready key. The display will now show the zone that is open. If necessary, bypass the open zone by entering CODE + bypass (6) + zone number (two digits).